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Our Members in Action

Our Members in Action

Malcolm Green from La RicMal Wines

From the WECBOF eCommunication published on 01 October 2015

Our Members in Action

Q: How long has your organisation been operating for?
A: We have been operating since 2008.

Q: What does the organisation do?  What do you specialise in?
A: We are wine producers and suppliers.

Q: What makes your selection of wines unique?
A: Our Supréme and Lerato blends are sourced from the Darling region in the Western Cape; carefully manicured vineyards which are overseen by very experienced and passionate grape farmers.  Only the highest quality grapes are used to attain La RicMal’s exceptional superior quality wines with their unique flavours and aromas.

Q: This is a family-owned business; what do you attribute to it being so successful?
A: Father and son team, Malcolm and Ricardo, are the driving force behind La RicMal.  We bring a powerful combination of extensive business experience, a passion for producing wine, as well as the tenacity required to operate a successful and sustainable business in a very competitive commercial environment.

Q: What is your management philosophy?
A: To deliver quality service, to deliver our products timeously wherever it is needed, and at the right price.

Q: Where is your selection of wines currently available?
A: Our La RicMal and Lerato wine blends are available at Checkers, Spar, and Pick ‘n Pay outlets nationally.

Q: What future exciting projects are in the pipeline?
A: We are currently in negotiations to make all our La RicMal blends available in 16 African countries via a major retailer.  We are also investigating the possibilities of an international listing for lour wines.

Q: What is your view on the future of entrepreneurship in the Western Cape?
A: To be an entrepreneur is extremely challenging.  My advice to any budding entrepreneurs is to stay focussed, work diligently and be committed to achieving success.
Q: If you could use 3 words to motivate young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, what would these be?
A: Education, experience, commitment.

La RicMal Contact Details:
T: 021 863 0602


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